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I UK [əˈkaʊnt] / US noun
Word forms "account":
singular account plural accounts
1) [countable] an arrangement in which a bank looks after your money. You can deposit (= put in) or withdraw (= take out) money when you need to

There was only £50 in his bank account.

an overdrawn account (= one from which you have taken more money than you have put in)

open an account:

How do I open an account (= start having an account) with your bank?

a) [countable, usually plural] a detailed record that a business keeps of the money it receives and spends in a particular period of time

The accounts showed a loss of £498 million.

b) accounts
[uncountable] the part of an organization that keeps records of the money it receives and spends
a) [countable] an arrangement you have with a shop or other business that allows you to pay for goods or services later

I have an account with Marks and Spencer.

b) a record showing how much you owe a shop or other business for goods or services that you have received
settle an account (= pay the money that you owe):

I'll settle my account in the morning.

4) [countable] business a company that regularly buys goods or services from another company

We now have over 30 major accounts.

5) [countable] an arrangement you have with a company or Internet provider to use a service they provide

Do you have an email account?

a) [countable] a written or spoken report about something that has happened
account of:

a brief account of the meeting

give an account of something:

He was too shocked to give a clear account of events.

eyewitness account (= a description of the details of an event given by someone who saw them):

an eyewitness account of a brutal beating

b) a detailed description of how or why something happens

The study aims to give an account of modern attitudes towards democracy.

Adjectives frequently used with account
▪  blow-by-blow, brief, conflicting, detailed, eyewitness, first-hand, full, vivid

bring/call/hold someone to accountformal to make someone explain publicly why they made a mistake or committed a crime, especially so that they can be criticized or punished for it

by/from all accounts — according to what people say

She is, by all accounts, a decent young woman.

of no account/of little account — not or not very important

The colour of someone's skin should be of no account.

on no account/not on any account — used to say in a strong and definite way that something must not happen or be done

On no account should the soldiers be blamed for what happened.

A doctor should not, on any account, break his confidence.

on this/that account — used when giving the reason for something

She was divorced, and on that account alone my mother disliked her.

settle an account/settle accounts — to end a disagreement or argument with someone by defeating them

They threatened to settle accounts with those who opposed them.

take account of something/take something into account — to consider something when you are trying to make a decision

Compensation awards take into account the pain and suffering caused to the victim.

If you take inflation into account, we actually spend less now.

A good transport strategy must take account of the environmental issues.

II UK [əˈkaʊnt] / US verb
Word forms "account":
present tense I/you/we/they account he/she/it accounts present participle accounting past tense accounted past participle accounted
Phrasal verbs:

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